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Image Manipulation with phpThumbOf in MODx Revolution

PhpThumbOf is a MODx Revolution add-on that is based on the popular php script called phpThumb. It allows you to use the graphics libraries on an Apache server to make modifications to images on-the-fly. This is an entry that is based on the presentation of phpThumbOf [...]

Hosting Multiple Top-level Domains Using MODx Revolution

As a follow-up to the previous entry for setting up multiple subdomains in Revo, this entry explains how to use multiple top-level domains in a single installation MODx Revolution without worrying about access to your Apache config file. Hosting multiple domains in [...]

Hosting Multiple Subdomains on MODx Revolution

This write up gives you a step-by-step of how to set up and run multiple subdomains on a single instance of MODx Revolution. This process was created using the official documentation, along with some other helpful tricks that I added to make possible for anyone to do without root [...]

Controlling Safari & Chrome’s Resizable Textarea with Simple CSS

This article shows you how to get a "handle" on Webkit's resizable textarea by managing its resize area without disabling the feature, as some have proposed. By now, most web surfers are aware that as of Safari 3, the Webkit engine [...]

How to Fix MODx CSRF Error when Using Firefox 3.5

This article describes how to fix the error "A possible CSRF attempt was detected. No referer was provided by the server." that recently appeared when I upgraded to MODx 1.0.2. I use Wordpress for all of my blogs, but my CMS [...]

Installing Sprint’s Sierra Wireless Compass 597 Aircard on OS X Leopard

The other day, I finally broke down and bought a wireless aircard from Sprint. The problem is: I couldn't get it working on OS X, even after calling tech support! Yes, I have access to T-Mobile hotspots. Yes, there [...]

3 Ways to Get Rid of Spaces in List Item Navigation in IE6

If you've ever tried to create an all-css navigation for your website, then you've seen it: dreaded spaces when viewed in Internet Explorer 6 on Windows. This article will outline 3 different ways that you can get rid of these spaces in vertical list item navigation. And in [...]

Movement & Type: Who’s On First

Motion type based on the classic Abbot and Costello 'Who's On First?' bit.

Indie Music on Television Shows and Commercials

I have only recently started watching TV again, and I've noticed more and more that advertisers are using Indie, Trip Hop and other non-mainstream music to sell their products.

Movement & Type: Are You Gonna Be My Girl

An energetic kinetic type treatment of a verse from Jet's 'Are You Gonna Be My Girl?'.

Movement & Type: Ocean’s Eleven Project

Another example of kinetic typography in AfterEffects and type set to the rhythm of conversation. The author who created this movie states that it was a project with stipulations of taking a 45-second clip from anywhere and animating what was said.

You Snooze, You Lose – Reasons & Ways to Avoid Design Apathy

This is my reasoning on why procrastinating on idea development is bad, and my take on how to get motivated & avoid design apathy. As a designer, I know what it's like to have an awesome design hit me at 2:00 a.m. and think "I'll do that in the morning", [...]

Movement & Type: Ya No Sé Que Hacer Conmigo

I came across this video by Cuarteto de Nos on Digital Latina's blog and it's fantastic. The type treatment, transitions and timing are all on point. Plus, the song is pretty cool too!

I Believe in Santogold

With running buddies like pop-dub artist M.I.A., landing an opening gig for Bjork and working with the likes of Diplo and Spank Rock, Santogold can't go wrong. I first heard Santogold (Santi White) on Mark Ronson's July 2007 album 'Version', on the track [...]

View Blogs as Cat Macros: LOL Feeds

If you've ever wondered what your favorite blog or twitter timeline would look like as cat macros, then this is the tool for you.

Find Your Mac’s Warranty Expiration Date

If you are interested in purchasing AppleCare or have APP and want to know when it expires, this link will come in handy.

Movement & Type: ‘Typographics’ Film

Check out this cool video from a student at Vancouver Film School

New Apple Commercial – Don’t Give Up On Vista

Having toyed around with Windows Vista right when it came out, I have to say, it hasn't been the most pleasant experience. I agree with the message here whole-heartedly!

Experimenting with HDR Photography

Earlier this year I saved up and grabbed a Canon 20D. It was something I had waited a long while to get my hands on so that I could finally replace my Rebel film camera. Finally, after I wrapped a few freelance web [...]

Create Transparent PNGs in IE6 Using AlphaImageLoader & No Hacks

As promised, this article describes how to use transparent PNGs in your CSS design in a very clean way. This method simply uses the default cascade and inheritance instead of the CSS hack for transparency described in my previous article on the subject. As in [...]

StumbleUpon Has Severe Usability Flaws

So, after hearing so much about it for more than a year now, I finally signed up for a StumbleUpon account. I haven't really explored all that it has to offer, but I'm sure it'll be as exciting as everyone says it is. Looking forward to [...]

Tab Through All Fields On Mac OS X

There is a very small feature of Windows that I got accustomed to while I was stranded on a Dell back during 2003-2004. On a PC, you can tab through all fields in the interface and click with the space bar. A feature like that comes in handy [...]

Webmaster Jam Session 2007 or Adam’s Mark Leaves a Scar

Well, I just got back from the first day of the 2007 Webmaster Jam Session. All of the presentations that I sat in on were great! As always, crowd fave, Jared Spool did an incredible job in the morning with the Keynote on UX, The [...]

Transparent PNG in IE6 with CSS Hacks and AlphaImageLoader

This entry describes a method for displaying a transparent PNG in IE6 using a technique that I actually don't use anymore. I just wanted you all to be aware of your options when it comes to getting the desired results. You can find the preferred, hack-free method [...]

Simulate Frames with Pure CSS

Here's a CSS tip that may be new to you, depending on your time in the game. Originally presented at Barcamp Dallas We've all used frames at some point in our deep, dark web design pasts. Then, when we got hip to [...]