Webmaster Jam Session 2007 or Adam’s Mark Leaves a Scar

Well, I just got back from the first day of the 2007 Webmaster Jam Session. All of the presentations that I sat in on were great! As always, crowd fave, Jared Spool did an incredible job in the morning with the Keynote on UX, The Dawning of the Age of Experience.

Later on I caught up with familiar faces Molly Holzschlag, Chris Bernard and Caleb J(a)nkins.

The vibe is really cool, the crowd is very energetic and I’ve learned some good practices and tips. Our stay at the Adam’s Mark hotel in Downtown Dallas, however, has been a completely different experience. I’ll brief you here and send you on to Zak’s and Sal’s blogs for the rest of the details.

So, since I have a very sensitive nose, I was dying as soon as I walked in. The building wreaks of age. I promise you that I could smell the 1980s in this old Southwest-patterned carpet. Aside from the indifferent receptionists, brown water that we had to greet us upon return to the room and paid parking, and paid ethernet internet, it’s not so bad.

That said, I will let you check out the other guys’ blogs:
Zak’s take on our stay at the Adam’s Mark, Downtown Dallas and Sal’s Adam’s Mark Downtown Dallas Review


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