New Apple Commercial – Don’t Give Up On Vista

Having toyed around with Windows Vista right when it came out, I have to say, it hasn’t been the most pleasant experience. I agree with the message here whole-heartedly!

From incompatible drivers to features that just didn’t work, the Vista experience, for me, was nothing I would want to do again. Now, that’s not because I’m a Mac user, because I have some of the same issues with Leopard right now. But, with Vista, there were functions that you’ve grown accustomed to in a previous version of the same operating system that have been altered to the point that you literally have to start over and re-learn the OS.

I say, if you’re learning a news OS, you might as well get a new OS. So, I’ve been able to successfully convert a lot of people over to Mac. And, at this point, I’m telling them all to wait on the whole Leopard upgrade. More of my thoughts on that issue later…



  1. Zak writes:

    Gotta play devil’s advocate here.

    If you’re going to install a NEW OS on a 5 year old computer you’re going to have problems. I’ve personally installed Vista on low end and high end machines for the past two years… very seldom have I ever seen a machine just not take it. GASP! you cant run vista on 512mb ram??!?! This is 2007. Upgrade.

    To the people who blame vista for lack of driver support… You do realize that its not Microsoft’s job to write a driver for your 5 year old cannon deskjet. Blame the software/hardware companies for not delivering the proper drivers for the new OS. Just because they dont feel like spending the extra dollar and time writing a few extra lines of code to make it compatible with the new OS then hows that MS’s fault.

    Remember when XP first came out? The horrible problems people had with its interface/lack of drivers/slowness? Well give Vista some time. Take it from someone who is a lingering MS fanboy…. its a good OS… more stable than XP and much more feature filled.

    Oh and this commercial seems more like Buy XP rather than Upgrade to Leopard.

  2. Zak writes:

    Uh i just noticed I said two years… I ment I’ve been building computers for two years. So it was either install XP or Vista. And when Vista came out, sure there were a few problems here and there with compatibility, but thats not unusual when your OS can run on thousands of different hardware configurations.

  3. Brandi writes:

    Zak = tool

    Ok, but really, he has a few points. Still, I would take Leopard over Vista. I would take Tiger over Vista, too.

    Mmmm Leopard.

  4. .abelafonte writes:

    Yeah, he does make good points. Sans, the two years comment.

    I love leopard as much as the next guy, but I think I’m going to compile a list of things that I feel are deficiencies in the latest iteration of our favorite juicy web 2.0-inspiring OS.

  5. Zak writes:

    oh the renaming thing… where it only selects the file name and not the extension… yeah vista had it first.

    again… JUST SAYING! 🙂

  6. Sal B writes:

    Yes…but will XP blend?