Movement & Type: Ocean’s Eleven Project

Another example of kinetic typography in AfterEffects and type set to the rhythm of conversation. The author who created this movie states that it was a project with stipulations of taking a 45-second clip from anywhere and animating what was said.

He also claims that it is his first attempt at animation and AfterEffects… Methinks he had to have done some of both before this, but that’s neither here nor there. The piece is very well-done.


One Comment

  1. Chris Vincent writes:

    I think this is extremely hard to believe that this would be this guy’s first piece… but if he is telling the truth or not, I’ll take my hat off to him.

    This sort of animation would be quite effective in the music industry, and has, of sort, been used in a lot of music videos.

    To me it brings out the emphasis of the words, which topography was designed for. Whomever thought of this idea first is very smart