View Blogs as Cat Macros: LOL Feeds

If you’ve ever wondered what your favorite blog or twitter timeline would look like as cat macros, then this is the tool for you.

Ian McKellar, of the Songbird project, has released a witty little app that will take the RSS feed of any blog, merge it with cat images from Flickr and display feed titles in the standard Cat Macro style.

As of this writing, Ian has LOL converters for, Live Journal, Twitter & Jaiku. I created a few LOL feeds, and here are a couple of images that I got:

A tweet from Kelsey about Rails 2.0

A tweet from Kelsey on my Twitter timeline.

LOL Cat- Headline from ‘The Onion’ daily feeds

A headline from ‘The Onion’ daily feeds.

To use these tools, visit and enter the appropriate link for whichever type of feed you want to view. The tool for blog feeds is currently at the bottom. Just enter a blog’s feed URL, and in moments, see what it would look like in LOL Feeds style.

So, there you go! I do my best to give you guys excuses to slack off.


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