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Image Manipulation with phpThumbOf in MODx Revolution

PhpThumbOf is a MODx Revolution add-on that is based on the popular php script called phpThumb. It allows you to use the graphics libraries on an Apache server to make modifications to images on-the-fly. This is an entry that is based on the presentation of phpThumbOf [...]

Hosting Multiple Top-level Domains Using MODx Revolution

As a follow-up to the previous entry for setting up multiple subdomains in Revo, this entry explains how to use multiple top-level domains in a single installation MODx Revolution without worrying about access to your Apache config file. Hosting multiple domains in [...]

Hosting Multiple Subdomains on MODx Revolution

This write up gives you a step-by-step of how to set up and run multiple subdomains on a single instance of MODx Revolution. This process was created using the official documentation, along with some other helpful tricks that I added to make possible for anyone to do without root [...]