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Controlling Safari & Chrome’s Resizable Textarea with Simple CSS

This article shows you how to get a "handle" on Webkit's resizable textarea by managing its resize area without disabling the feature, as some have proposed. By now, most web surfers are aware that as of Safari 3, the Webkit engine [...]

3 Ways to Get Rid of Spaces in List Item Navigation in IE6

If you've ever tried to create an all-css navigation for your website, then you've seen it: dreaded spaces when viewed in Internet Explorer 6 on Windows. This article will outline 3 different ways that you can get rid of these spaces in vertical list item navigation. And in [...]

Create Transparent PNGs in IE6 Using AlphaImageLoader & No Hacks

As promised, this article describes how to use transparent PNGs in your CSS design in a very clean way. This method simply uses the default cascade and inheritance instead of the CSS hack for transparency described in my previous article on the subject. As in [...]

Transparent PNG in IE6 with CSS Hacks and AlphaImageLoader

This entry describes a method for displaying a transparent PNG in IE6 using a technique that I actually don't use anymore. I just wanted you all to be aware of your options when it comes to getting the desired results. You can find the preferred, hack-free method [...]