I Believe in Santogold

With running buddies like pop-dub artist M.I.A., landing an opening gig for Bjork and working with the likes of Diplo and Spank Rock, Santogold can’t go wrong.

Santi White, a.k.a. Santogold

I first heard Santogold (Santi White) on Mark Ronson’s July 2007 album ‘Version’, on the track called ‘Pretty Green’. I must admit, though, it didn’t stand out too much to me at the time. After a little while, that song grew on me, and now I have it in iTunes rotation.

A few months later, though, when I heard ‘Creator’ from Santogold’s upcoming album, I was like “Maaan!”

I’m not going to regurgitate her career bio here, as you can easily find it in a Google search. I will say, though, if you like M.I.A. (I only dug her first album) and Bjork, then Santogold is a definite must-have in your playlist.

Trasn Menagerie has an in-depth write up on Santogold along with the script from an interview with Santi.

Music Samples

Santogold – Creator


Santogold – You Will Find A Way (Remix)




  1. Online writes:

    Any idea of an album release, I can’t find much of anything aside for You Tube for Santogold.

  2. .abelafonte writes:

    The last I heard about the album is that it was scheduled for late 2007, but is now up for release in Spring 2008.

    Rolling Stone has a decent write-up on her:

  3. Rob Miller writes:

    I liked your site.