StumbleUpon Has Severe Usability Flaws

So, after hearing so much about it for more than a year now, I finally signed up for a StumbleUpon account. I haven’t really explored all that it has to offer, but I’m sure it’ll be as exciting as everyone says it is.

Looking forward to that.

In the meantime, I’m busy trying to find all of the usual buttons and features that one would expect to find on any website… But I CAN’T. It seems like they want to force the user to behave the way they want us to. Here are a few of my brief observations regarding how poor the usability is on StumbleUpon’s site:

  • If logging out is something users might want to do, they’re forced go to homepage and select “login” to get to the “logout” button. Shouldn’t this be on the ‘Preferences > Personal Information’ page?
  • But, If you’re using the toolbar and attempt to log out from the site, forget it! You have to log out using the toolbar.
  • Forced to download the Firefox toolbar to be able to change password. I signed up on Safari, so I was lost for a LONG time.
  • Toolbar offers to ‘enhance your browsing’ and the alert box disables the ‘close’ button… User is forced to click the tiny ‘No Thanks’ button at the bottom.
  • Can’t add friends easily. User is forced to migrate address books from other services as only option to add friends.
  • For some unknown reason they use dropdown menus for the birth date. Glad I wasn’t born any earlier, I’d still be scrolling.
  • What the heck is this? I have to rollover to find out what these icons mean…
    Stumble Message Icon

That’s all that I’ve noticed so far.

Now, excuse me while I go stumble this posting.



  1. Zak writes:

    I see what you’re saying and from a usability stand point, I guess it never bothered me so much since I originally used it as a bookmarking tool, now I use it as traffic bringer.

    And I’m sure your analytics will reflect that 🙂

  2. Ryan writes:

    Lmao, I found you with stumble upon. Hypocrite.

    doooowwwwwnnnn ranked. kthnx.

  3. Hai writes:

    Omg, you had to rollover?

  4. Z writes:

    Careful kids… the intrawebs is serious business.

  5. beka writes:

    I agree that their website is a usability nightmare. Forcing your users to use the toolbar to do things is very nearly infuriating. I guess there is some sort of “ooh whee!” factor involved here that some developer somewhere is getting his jollies on.

    I love StumbleUpon’s service but their website drives me nuts.

  6. ludmilla writes:

    how the hell do you logout of stumbleupon adn login as a different user? fuck sake!

  7. sandrar writes:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

  8. HahahaComedy writes:

    Seriously, I don’t understand why I get logged in as a different user every time I visit the site.

  9. SEOXY writes:

    Since 2007 there have been comments about this serious flaw.
    They don’t care and it is clearly working for them.
    I think it sucks and is stupid and will recommend my readers to NOT use it. I mean, what kind of SEO value does it REALLY offer anyway?

  10. Abhinandan writes:

    After a lot of frustration I found out ..